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Percussion Student Materials

This list is a resource for students and parents to find percussion books, equipment, and educational resources for students' success. This is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point for beginning and intermediate students. These are links to As an Amazon Affiliate, I receive a small commission if you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you.

Method Books and Equipment

Hal Leonard's Essential Elements for Band percussion book is required material for many beginning band programs. This is the combined book that has both percussion and keyboard percussion parts.

Alfred's Drum Method Book 1 is an excellent beginning snare drum student method book. It presents rhythm and rudiments in a clear and direct way students understand quickly.

Garwood Whaley's Primary Handbook for Mallets is an excellent beginner mallet percussion method book. It explores key signatures with progressively more challenging reading exercises and creativity assignments.

Vic Firth's SD1 General drumsticks are perfect for the beginning percussionist. They deliver a consistently high quality product at a reasonable price. The versatility of these drumsticks make them a great choice as a first pair for any student to own.

Evans Realfeel practice pads are great for students who need to practice, but can't always play on a loud drum. Practice pads are essential for students to eliminate the barrier to practice created by the need to not be too noisy. Evans's pads feel very realistic so the transfer of skills to a regular acoustic drum is seamless.

Morris Goldenberg's classic book for development of mallet percussion playing. This book has something for every level of player from basic patterns in easy keys to professional level orchestral excerpts for mallet instruments. From student to professional, this book belongs in every percussionist's library.

Innovative Percussion's Fundamental series offer quality mallets at an entry level price. This mallets are perfect for students who have a home bell set, but feel that the mallets that came with their bells are too hard. These are made from a medium hard rubber and aren't nearly as loud. 

Memorizing note names on the treble clef is essential for beginner students. These flash cards certainly help speed up that process. This deck includes treble and bass clefs as well as dynamics, articulations, and other musical terms.

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